Network Throughput Test

Web app test designed to help enterprise customers test their networks or networking equipment with realistic emulated traffic.

Team Lead | Interaction Design | Research | HTML/CSS Pattern Library | Art Direction [2015]

Design Brief

Network Device Manufacturers are building devices that must be app aware so they can provide policy enforcement at a performance level that is desired. They need to be able to test these devices to make sure they are able to identify these apps effectively at a level that will allow them to make claims and sell their devices.

We created a test that allows the network engineer to create a mix of traffic types that is relevant to their network or network device needs. This traffic will emulate what real users might do while allowing the engineer to ramp up or ramp down the amount of traffic type desired.

User Group(s)

Through stakeholder interviews I came up with a set of provisional personas which were then validated through user interviews.

These personas were then used to create a series of use-case scenarios that helped us determine our users goals and needs... as always we use these personas to guide our design decisions going forward.

Design Concepts

Wireframes / Prototype

Visual Designs